The Player-Coach Course Will Teach You How To:

  • Increase productivity within your team so you can focus on your own billing.

  • Align your team with a game plan so you can finally have everyone working towards the same goal and heading in the right direction instead of confusion and low activity..

  • Outline a clear business roadmap and develop an action plan to help you reach each objective as effectively as possible.

  • Improve employee engagement and retention to reduce staff turnover and keep more of your essential players within the team and performing at the highest level.

  • Identify and develop future player-coaches who will continue to build a winning team, giving you more time to spend working on your business, instead of in it.

  • Build a culture of accountability so everyone on your team understands what their role is and knows exactly how they directly impact winning and success.

  • Increase revenue as you eliminate bottlenecks, open up lines of communication and build a more efficient and productive team.

  • Manage your emotions under pressure so that you stay calm and clear headed and make astute leadership decisions.

The Player-Coach Course Has Three Elements:

  • 1. Watch The Player-Coach Masterclass

    Combining 20 years of professional sports and business, Andrew has created 12 videos designed to work parallel to the weekly Q&A.

  • 2. Attend The 5 Day Sprint

    The Player-Coach Course is five x 2-hour modules every morning for one week. These take place on Zoom, facilitated by one of our elite trainers. Highly practical, experiential and applicable.

  • 3. Join The Weekly Training/Q&A

    Research shows that we forget 70% of what is learnt on a course. We won't let that happen. We run weekly training sessions and Q&A to help refresh your minds, keep momentum and embed the new management skills.

Our Style of Training


You may have noticed that the Player-Coach is different from traditional management training.

Our mission is to help middle-managers create a team where every member can thrive, feel inspired and work at their full potential.

The Player-Coach course is about taking action. We build our approach on the belief that doing is improving.

That's why our courses are practical and participative with group discussions, interactive activities, vital skills application and time-bound projects tailored to your business goals.

What You Learn On The 5-Day Sprint

5 x 2-hour workshops. Highly practical, experiential, and applicable.

  • Day 1: Have a Game Plan

    How to align your team with objectives and key results.

  • Day 2: Bench Coach Daily

    How to drive performance in the live environment (including virtually).

  • Day 3: Train Weekly

    How to design a deliver inspiring training that gets results.

  • Day 4: Mentor Monthly

    How to be a great mentor and build strong relationships.

  • Day 5: Manage The Mist

    How to manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions under pressure

Immediate, dramatic and sustainable

Allan Smith - CEO

"Player-Coach delivers a first-class programme that has made an immediate, dramatic and sustainable impact on my business. It is by far the most valuable business education programme that I have invested in and I cannot recommend it highly enough to any growing business"

A comprehensive tool kit for driving myself and my team forwards

Luke Cunliffe - Director

"I found the Player-Coach programme extremely engaging and very enjoyable. Above all else, it provided me with a comprehensive tool kit for driving myself and my team forwards. I would strongly recommend the course"

I love the tie-in with sport

Samantha Knowles - Director

"To my mind, Player-Coach stands out; honed skills of engagement, persuasion, inspiration and influence, genuine and authentic - I love the tie-in with sport"

Every workshop added massive value

James Chessum - Founder

"As someone who is the founder of a recruitment business with zero management training, this was a game-changer in giving me the confidence to scale as a leader with confidence. Really impressed. Every workshop added massive value.” James Chessum - CEO

We got the result

Scott Fulton - CEO

"I have worked with Player-Coach to deliver management training. We got the result that the group and those leading the groups wanted"

Inspirational growth and performance message

Darlene Clarke - UPS Canada

"Engaging communication style, anecdotes, and the Player-Coach foundation come together in an inspirational growth and performance message that applies to individuals and organizations alike"

A very different approach to disrupt leadership mindset

Simon Muskett - Head of Learning & Development - EMEA

"Practical approach to supporting the creation of high-performing teams was something that drove tangible value in a variety of business stakeholders. Player-Coach uses a very different approach to disrupt leadership mindset, in order to create a positive change in both large and small teams.

My team is now focused, motivated and making real impact.

Sean Hudson - Global Head of Learning and Development - Pfizer

I've worked with Player-Coach across multiple engagements at Pfizer to drive a mindset change and prioritzation with my team. Thanks to the simple yet elegant frameworks, my team is now focused, motivated and making real impact. If you're looking for actionable advice and impact, I highly recommend reaching out to Player-Coach.

Player-Coach delivered catered to our specific needs.

Charlotte Smith - Head of Learning and Development

GCS recruitment consultants engaged Player-Coach to roll out a leadership course. Above any other consultancy that we engaged with, Player-Coach took the most time to understand the business, and our people and to make sure what they delivered catered to our specific needs.

Book a Free Strategy Call

During the call, we will help you identify your management training goals, and you will be able to decide if Player-Coach is the right fit for you.

Traditional Business Management Training Doesn’t Work Anymore…

3 Ways Typical Business Management Training Can Stunt Your Business, Limit Your Growth And Fail To Get Your Tangible Results!

1. You don’t work in a rigid system - Whether it’s a coaching course, podcast or the latest leadership training book, they all make the same mistake, they assume that you operate inside a rigid, structured business ecosystem. 

We've found with most player-coaches that’s simply not the case.  

2. You’re responsible for managing the team, AND you make the important management decisions which means you can’t always just delegate a task to someone else or pass a task down the line.  

You keep everyone going and lead the team from the front.

3. You learn from doing, not thinking - How many courses, workshops or events have you attended where the keynote speakers fill your head with wonderful ideas but don't have any concrete advice on how they’d benefit your business?

For a player-coach like you, that simply doesn’t work.

You don’t wanna spend your days listening to someone talk about what you could do; you’d rather spend your time putting theories into action and implementing the strategies in real-time. 

Out-dated methods - Most business management courses are based on models and theories of what used to work, not what works today. 

Unfortunately, that means most of what’s taught now doesn’t recognise a modern-day ‘player-coach’, and they don’t know how to help. 

Fortunately, there is another way to grow your business, improve your skills and become a better leader…

Without wasting hours of your time studying theories or sitting in conference rooms listening to other people talk about their ineffective strategies…


Large and small companies, with high-contributing middle-managers striving for better and challenging the status quo. The commonality is that managers in our programme are looking to build a high-performance culture.

Introducing The Player-Coach Course

For ambitious founders and high-achieving managers

The Player-Coach Course teaches you how to evolve as a leader and a coach through action, not theory. 

It’s a practical and interactive course tailored to you, your team and your business goals and uses a straight-talking, plain English approach that blends techniques from professional sport and real-world business.