Our Values

  • Ask, Don't Tell

    We believe each other is creative, capable and intuitive. We ask challenging questions, and we refuse to settle for the status quo.

  • Fail Fast, Learn Quick

    We believe in continuous learning, are not afraid to fail, and strive to improve everything we do.

  • Hold Each Other Accountable

    We don’t shy away from tough conversations. We do what we say we will do and have high expectations of each other.

  • Create Leaders

    Leadership is at the core of what we do and we believe everyone has the ability to step up and lead when called upon.

  • Always Be Hiring

    We treat everyone in our community as potential team members and represent our brand image to the highest degree.

What We Do

The Player-Coach course is a 12-week online management training programme for recruitment companies founded in 2012 by Andrew Sillitoe. It provides middle-managers the skills they need to be high contributors in the field and simultaneously build a successful team. It is a straight-talking plain English approach that blends professional sports and real-world business techniques. It has transformed 5,000+ leaders in the U.S, Canada, U.K, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. We use digital tools like Thinkific and Zoom to facilitate the learning process. We provide in-house training tailored to your managers and business needs.

Meet Our Team

Mike Whatman

Head of Training

Ellie Charlwood

Client Relationships

I’m passionate about ensuring our clients have a rewarding experience. An honest, transparent approach is at the core of all I do.

Izzie Sillitoe


Building a brand that challenges the status quo and remains authentic to its purpose in a world trying to make us like everyone else.

Matt Davies

Leadership Coach

Andrew Sillitoe


Everything I do is about performance improvement; I want to see people thrive, feel inspired and live life to their full potential.